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Every commercial building, despite its robust construction, is susceptible to the onset of gaps and cracks over time. These crevices not only mar the aesthetic appeal of the structure but also offer an open invitation to moisture, air, bugs, and other unwelcome guests. Therefore, proper caulking and sealing become indispensable to preserve the integrity of the building and keep it in a top-notch state.

Why Caulk & Seal Commercial Buildings?

A commercial building, as the operational hub of your business, forms the cornerstone of your success. It is your public face, command center, and a source of pride for your employees. Protecting your building becomes a responsibility of great importance. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using professional caulking services in Baltimore, MD.

Caulking forms a protective shield around your building, filling up gaps and cracks that can otherwise allow air, moisture, dust, and pests to infiltrate the structure. The long-term implications of these intrusions can be detrimental, causing discomfort due to drafts, damage from moisture, increased energy bills, and even structural deterioration.

Caulking and sealing are not just about maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your structure; they also preserve the building's functional integrity and energy efficiency. A well-caulked building can significantly reduce the demands on your HVAC systems, maintain a steady internal temperature, and improve overall energy efficiency.

Considerations for Commercial Exterior Caulking

The exterior of a commercial property is its first line of defense against the elements. It is constantly exposed to weather-induced wear and tear, seasonal expansion and contraction, and other factors that can cause the construction materials to deteriorate over time. Additionally, old caulking can lose its elasticity, leading to cracks and gaps that can increase the risk of property damage due to water infiltration and energy waste.

Hiring Lewis Brothers Inc. in Baltimore, MD, can help deal with these issues effectively. We use high-quality silicone caulking products that offer a high elasticity rate, making them a perfect fit for accommodating building movement.

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Commercial exterior caulking services cover a wide range of areas including window frames and sills, expansion joints, masonry, concrete parts, door frames, and inside corners formed by siding. In fact, any place on your building where two dissimilar materials meet generally requires a caulk joint.

Commercial Interior Caulking

While exterior caulking reinforces your building's protective shield, interior commercial caulking prevents drafts and water damage on the inside. This includes areas such as:

  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Expansion joints
  • Control joints
  • Baseboard and trim
  • Tubs and showers
  • Countertops
  • Vents and pipes
  • Areas where different materials meet (gas and electrical entrances, air conditioners, etc.)

Interior caulking is essential wherever two different materials meet. It forms a protective barrier, preventing water intrusion at plumbing fixtures and drafts along walls and intersections.

The Different Types of Caulking

The variety of building areas and surface types that require commercial caulking and sealing services makes it necessary to ensure you use the proper caulk and sealant. Silicone and polyurethane caulking products, categorized as elastomeric materials, are commonly used as they fill gaps and allow for contraction and expansion.


Silicone is an inorganic material, making it less reactive to UV light. This feature, combined with its excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations, extends its lifespan significantly, with many manufacturers offering 20-year warranties.


Polyurethane, being an organic material, breaks down much faster than silicone under the influence of the sun, elements, and temperature. Its lifespan typically maxes out at ten years.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Sealants

The longevity of your sealants depends on their location, type, and application. If you observe a loss of elasticity, visible cracks or splitting, or separation from the surfaces, it might be time to replace your sealants.

Partnering With a Caulking Expert

Your commercial building is a significant part of your business identity. Hiring professional caulking services in Baltimore, MD, ensures that your building is in its best shape, allowing you to focus on running your business.


Caulking and sealing are essential components of building maintenance. Contact Lewis Brothers Inc. for professional caulking services in Baltimore, MD, today to ensure your building keeps water, air, and pests where they should be; outside.

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