Masonry Restoration Baltimore MD

The aesthetics and structural integrity of your building are fundamental to its worth. In the heart of Baltimore, MD, brick structures have stood the test of time, making a statement with their lasting durability. Nonetheless, even the strongest masonry can deteriorate, impacting both the building's value and appeal. Fortunately, Lewis Brothers Inc.'s masonry restoration services can help revamp your building, making it look as good as new.

Understanding The Need For Masonry Restoration

Masonry materials including concrete, brick, or stone, inherently have a porous nature. Throughout their lifespan, these materials absorb various pollutants like moisture, oil, dirt, smog and fungi, leading to physical damage and tarnishing the masonry's appearance. While regular power washing can prolong the life of these materials, the process has its limitations. Over time, even robust materials like brick and concrete will inevitably start to degrade.

The Process of Masonry Restoration

Masonry Restoration is not a simple task. It begins with the removal of the existing masonry. These materials, once they start to deteriorate, cannot be fixed. Their structural integrity is compromised, and they need to be replaced. Once this degredation process begins, there is no way to restore full structural integrity to the masonry, as weak points will always remain.

Following the removal of the old masonry, new masonry is reinstalled to restore the affected area as close to its original look as possible. During masonry restoration, the original masonry material is replicated. For example, if the building originally featured red bricks, the restoration would involve the removal of the old bricks and the installation of new red bricks. The goal is to utilize identical materials to ensure that the building retains its original appearance post-restoration.

masonry restoration in baltimore

The Advantages of Masonry Restoration

The primary benefit of masonry restoration is aesthetic improvement. The exterior of a building plays a significant role in its history and value, and it can also influence the success of any business housed within it. A well-maintained building attracts more customers and inspires confidence in the business.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, masonry restoration is crucial for the building's structural integrity. Gaps and cracks in the masonry can allow moisture to seep in, damaging the interior materials and potentially compromising the building's energy efficiency.

Importance Of Hiring A Specialized Masonry Restoration Contractor

Masonry restoration is a challenging process that requires both hard work and a delicate touch. This is where the expertise of a specialized masonry restoration contractor comes into play.

Choosing the right materials is a crucial aspect of masonry restoration. A contractor specializing in masonry will have the necessary knowledge and experience to select the appropriate materials. Furthermore, they will be familiar with the construction methods used in the original building, which is essential for maintaining the building's aesthetic continuity.

A dedicated masonry restoration contractor will have a thorough understanding of the materials and techniques, ensuring a high-quality restoration. It's akin to the difference between ordering a steak at a fine steakhouse and ordering one at a casual restaurant. Both might be good, but one is clearly superior.

Lewis Brothers Inc: Your Go-To Professionals For Masonry Restoration Baltimore MD

When it comes to masonry restoration, investing in a specialized contractor can yield superior results. Lewis Brothers Inc., with over 35 years of experience in masonry restoration and a professional touch, is your best choice in Baltimore, MD.

If you have any questions about masonry restoration, are interested in understanding more about its benefits, or wish to contact a masonry restoration contractor, feel free to reach out to Lewis Brothers Inc. today.